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Walker Hayes Reacts To Bringing The Oreo Shake Back To Applebee’s

After seeing Walker Hayes on the iHeartRadio Music Festival stage in Las Vegas, we knew we wanted him to come on the show!

His song 'Fancy Like' is taking over the world with now one of the most recognizable choruses and dance moves. "I’m half the choreographer and it’s an honor and fascinating to me," Hayes tells the morning show, "I can’t say it enough, in a world we live in a dad and daughter can pop off a dance in an afternoon, I walk into a coffee shop and they’re doing the dance and they don’t even know it’s me."

Hayes reveals that he moved to Nashville 17 years ago and was just working at a Costco 6 years ago! "It was surreal, walking out, that many people walking around backstage, passing Nelly backstage, Dua Lipa…" And now the country star is amazed at the success his song has gotten. It even brought Oreo Shakes back to Applebee's.

"It’s pretty cool, my wife and I laugh, look we’ve been going to Applebees since I was 17," Hayes shares, "Look artists and singers put products in songs all the time, we brought the Oreo shake back and that’s going to be cool dude. One day I’ll bring my grandkids there and tell them."

Watch his full interview with Elvis Duran above!