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Prom Queen Gives Up Her Crown To Another Student For The Sweetest Reason

To quote a member of the Brooklyn, Mississippi community, “real queens give up their crown to let other queens shine.”

Nyla Covington was crowned homecoming queen. Which is a very exciting moment for almost any high school girl.

But that very morning, Brittany Walters, who was also up for the crown, lost her mother to breast cancer.

Mrs. Walters was also a part of the school staff so she was truly appreciated in the community, and her last wish was that Brittany still attend homecoming. So the entire community rallied behind her, and made sure to get her there.

Seconds, after the crown was placed on Nyla, she turned to Brittany, put it on HER head, and said, “I think your mother would want you to have this.”

There was not a dry eye in the stands, that was such a beautiful gesture. She truly gave Brittany and her family a treasured memory that will last a lifetime.