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Hayley Arceneaux Talks Intense Training To Be Youngest Person In Orbit

Hayley Arceneaux joins us on Zoom Wednesday morning! As the youngest American to ever go into orbit as well as a cancer survivor, this Physician Assistant has enough stories to write a book!

Hayley recalls her recent space mission where she joined billionaire Jared Isaacman on SpaceX's first private spaceflight. "In reality I was just so ready and so excited I just kept saying over and over ‘let’s do this’." Hayley says the trust in having a safe mission took months. "It did take trust but that trust was built over months and months and we trained and I trusted my crew members."

But going to space wasn't all that Hayley has overcome. At 10-years-old she was diagnosed with bone cancer in my leg, "I was so worried I was going to die." Hayley says she had surgery at St. Jude's hospital that 'ultimately saved' her life. "My family never received a bill. Everything was taken care of so all my parents had to worry about was getting me better." That's when Hayley realized her first dream, to work at St. Judes Children Hospital and now she does as a PA in Memphis!

Watch our entire incredible and inspiring interview with Hayley above!