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Principal Buys Pizza For School After Food Service And Supplies Shortage

It is HARD to work in the school systems right now, as this Feel Goods from Cristerland Schreffler demonstrates!

A lot of schools are dealing with shortages right now; but, a school in Philly with 400 kids ranging from kindergarteners-eighth graders, had a serious food-services staff, AND supply shortages. All on the same day!

Of course, that ultimately fell on the students- they were unable to be fed!!!!

SO, what do you do for food when other options fail? PIZZA! Principal Stephanie Andrewlevich waited for places to open, and then immediately bought pizza for everyone! There will still some distribution issues, because- you know, that’s a lot of kids to feed, but they really tried.

Thankfully staff were back the next day, but thank you to everyone in the system who works hard and thinks outside the box to look out for these kids!