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Woman At Pharmacy Offers To Pay Elderly Man's Bill

There are some serious life necessities out there, that a lot of people struggle with. Like this gentleman in a story Danielle sent me.

Someone shared this anonymously on social- they were waiting on line at Walgreens, while an older gentleman was picking up his meds for the next 3 months.

He asked how much they cost, and when he was told $170, he got really nervous!

The pharmacist asked if he would like to purchase only one month of medicine while he figured how to save for the rest, and at that moment a lady on line walks up and said, “NO, he is getting all three months.” And pays his bill.

The person who shared the story said they walked out of there with tears in their eyes, that was such a beautiful thing to witness.

Maybe keep an eye out for someone who can use your help, because important medicine SHOULD be accessible to all.