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31-Year-Old Looking For Kayakers That Saved Her Life

Today’s is extra special because we are looking for someone!

In Kentucky, Maria Fuentes is a 31-year-old mom of three, and went on a boat trip over Labor Day weekend.

She was on the water for maybe 15 minutes, when Maria tried to secure some ropes and accidentally fell over the side. Because of where she fell? The boat actually drover over her.

She was in a total state of shock, but when she came up saw two kayakers, paddling over to her faster than she’s seen anyone move.

One of them pulled her back up on the boat, said he was a medic, and started using clothing items from her friends to make a tourniquet. He said, “we lost your leg, but will save your life.”

And he absolutely did. She was air lifted out of the lake, and now that she’s recovering, she can’t remember his name!

Maria wants to thank the man who saved her family, SO if you are in Kentucky, maybe know someone who kayaks on Lake Cumberland and mentioned saving a life, let him know Maria Fuentes is looking to thank him!