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Neighbor Helps Find Scared 15-Year-Old Dog

One small amount of your free time might just change someone’s life.

Megan Dougherty wanted me to help thank a gentleman in her community, who wishes to remain anonymous.

It was around bedtime, Megan was cleaning up the house while her husband let the dogs out. And soon after, she hears him YELLING for her.

It turns out their oldest dog Makenzie, who’s is 15, somehow got out.

I can’t imagine that feeling if it happened to my Savannah right now, but at 15-years-old?!

They spent the night searching the surrounding yards, then were driving around the neighborhood, nothing.

And just when they were ready to turn home, Megan got a call from a man who saw something a little suspicious in the distance, and took the time to check it out.

It was scared little Makenzie.

He stayed there talking with her until Megan arrived, and simply asked her to keep the good karma going.

Love that!!!!