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Viral TikTok Helps Raise $60K For Veteran In Need Of New Scooter

You know what, guys? TikTok can be a really beautiful place.

Brittany Reed sent me today’s Feel Goods about 79-year-old veteran, Kenny.

He’s pretty famous in his Minnesota town for being super friendly, and constantly riding around on his scooter COVERED in American flags.He even met his friend Amanda that way, who started a TikTok account for him.

Well, Kenny had to fix his scooter CONSTANTLY- it would overheat and then shut down, and the motor finally died beyond repair the other week. Kenny was devastated.

He couldn’t even answer his phone because he was crying so much!

Well, Amanda knew what to do, she took to his TikTok.

She asked for $5,000 to help buy Kenny a new scooter, since he couldn’t afford a new one and not only did she get the scooter money, donations. Kept. Pouring. In.

When Amanda told Kenny he was gifted about 60 THOUSAND DOLLARS from strangers, he burst into tears.

UGH!!!!Go follow him and his good vibes @patriotickenny and send him love!