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Celebrity Gossip Rob Shuter Talks JLo & Ben Affleck + New Self Help Book

Today, celebrity gossip and publicist, Rob Shuter joins us in studio to talk all about the release of his new book!

'The 4 Word Answer: Who Are You in 4 Words?' is officially out today! It's not what you may be thinking you'd get from 'The Naughty Gossip.' Shuter tells Elvis that people wanted him to write a gossip book, however he explained that gossip and blind items have such a quick turn over that it wouldn't make sense to write that. Instead Shuter wrote a "self help book that asks the most important question 'who am I?' "The really smart ones could answer it in 4 words," Shuter reveals to the morning show.

Shuter has worked with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Diddy. "I was a celebrity publicist. It was such an extraordinary job because I was with the most extraordinary people you will ever meet. They know who they are, exactly who they are, lean into who they are. I thought about my own life and I don’t know who I am." So what is one of JLo's 4 words? "Kind," replies Shuter. He explains, "Jennifer accepts herself, she doesn’t call herself names," He continues saying that the inner voice that speaks negatively of us is something JLo has been able to turn the volume down on.

So what are your 4 words? Try and answer them in the comments and buy Shuter's new book available here.