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Enrique Iglesias Explains Decision To Make ‘Final’ Album

After 11 albums, Enrique Iglesias is putting out his Final Album Vol. 1 tomorrow, September 17.

The singer-songwriter explained to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in the Mercedes-Benz Interview Lounge, why he decided to make this his last album,

“I made this decision a few years ago. Like the album title says ‘Final,’ it is final…. A lot of times when it come to albums, you have to write a lot of songs. Nowadays I feel like I'm going through this chapter in my life, I’ve been through it, I’ve done it, this is my 11th album and I wanted to move on. I wanted to be able to do it in a different way. Albums I write 40, 50, 60 songs and that can take a lot of time.”

Later, Enrique Iglesias teased upcoming tour details with Ricky Martin and more. Check out the full interview in the player above.