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Dr. Oz Explains How Male Sperm Play “Defense” + Why It’s Important

Dr. Oz is heading into his 13th season of The Dr. Oz Show and to celebrate he joins Elvis Duran to talk about guests he has coming up this week and more!

One of the guests heading to Dr. Oz's show today, September 13th is Howie Mandel. Mandel opens up about struggling with OCD and anxiety saying he feels like 'he is teetering on depression.' He wants to now break the stigma on anxiety and is having Dr. Oz help him do it!

Also on Dr. Oz's show this week on Thursday is Ari Nagel, a man with over 93 children and 23 more on the way! Nagel travels around the globe impregnating women and he does it all for free! He gets requests for his sperm every single day. This leads to an interesting conversation on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show about sperm and whether or not anyone on the show would donate a sperm or an egg!

Watch above and be sure to check your local listing for The Dr. Oz Show!