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3rd Grader Stands Up To Students Bullying Classmate For COVID Precautions

Sarah Foley sent me today’s Feel Goods about third-grader Cloreta Flynn from South Carolina.

She was SO excited about her first day of school, but when she walked in, she noticed one of the desks didn’t look like the others.

It was off all the way to the side, and surrounded by plexiglass. Which was a special request made by her parents, obviously as an extra COVID precaution.

By the end of the day, Cloreta heard this poor 8-year-old get teased by so many classmates over this desk difference. And it really affected her! SO she went home, and asked her parents to request that plexiglass be put around her desk as well.

What an act of empathy and solidarity.

Cloreta inspired another girl in class to do the same, and apparently this display made the bullying stop.

Way to go to Cloreta’s parents, parents who raise kids who stand up for others have a lot to be proud of.