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Nurse Shopping In Grocery Store Saves Baby's Life

Adam DeLorenzo sent me today’s Feel Goods about a nurse named Binta Diallo.

She was at a grocery store in regular clothing waiting for an iced tea, when a mother frantically ran up to her and asked her to help her baby.

The baby was only one week old, was bleeding from the nose, and was completely limp.

So Binta rushed the baby to the front of the store so she’s right there when the ambulance arrives, kept wiping the blood from the baby’s nose to keep it out of her mouth, and started administering little baby chest compressions AND IT WORKED!

The baby opened her eyes and took her first big breath right as the fire department arrived, she handed the baby over, and Binta went into the grocery store to comfort the panicking mother. She then picked up her iced tea, like a freaking boss.

All the people in the grocery store and the mom finds the off-duty nurse. Amazing. We love our healthcare workers!!!!