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School Pulls Out All The Stops For 16-Year-Old With 3 Months To Live

Andrea Siracusa sent me a bittersweet story, that I was actually chatting with Froggy about this morning, coming out of Jacksonville, Florida.

There’s a 16-year-old named Talen Birt, and he is battling cancer.

He has osteosarcoma since 2019, and it’s metastasized to his lung which prevented him from being able to go to school as an 11thgrader, which he was seriously looking forward to.

Last month, Talen’s family was told he has three months left to live, and he decided he needed to go back to school in that time-at least for a day.

So his school pulled out all the stops and it was beautiful.

Talen and his parents were ushered around in a golf cart, through an entire parade that his school put on for him. The cheerleaders had had special cheers for him, classmates were holding up signs that said he was their hero, the Junior Reserve Officer Training Coprs was lined up, it was beautiful.

He just kept saying how he couldn’t believe it, the day was more than he could have imagined.

A rep from the school says they plan on carrying him with them as they move forward through the years, and I know the community gave his family a priceless memory