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Do You Keep Your Cash In The Freezer? This Grandma Does And Almost Lost 25K

Does another have a relative that used to keep money in a funny place? Like my grandfather used to keep wads of cash rolled up in nooks under his kitchen table.

Well, a grandmother in Ohio kept her nest egg in her freezer. And it was a pretty big egg- $25,000! And she never told anyone in her family about it/

Sooooo when her kids were trying to help her out by cleaning the freezer, they accidentally tossed it! 25K in the trash!

By the time grandma had realized, the trash had already been collected and was on its way to the landfill.

The family frantically called waste services and LUCKILY, the truck had not yet made the drop so there was HOPE! The driver emptied the pile away from the landfill where 10 employees were kind enough to help, and the money was quickly found.

25K back to grandma, so the moral of the story is don’t surprise grandma with a clean fridge, I guess!