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Cat Saves 83-Year-Old Owner After She Falls Over 70 Feet

I have done multiple stories about dogs being heroes so today is special. Because….. It’s a cat’s turn!

In England, police AND volunteers were on the hunt for and 83-year-old woman who’d gone missing. And they weren’t having any luck until, one of the officers decided to pay attention to the missing woman’s cat, Piran.

He was meowing near the corner of a cornfield kind of near their home. And when a volunteer goes to check it out, they found her! She had fallen down a 70-foot embankment into a wooded area, hiding her from people just glancing over!

That’s a super scary fall for anyone, never mind someone in their 80’s! Thankfully she didn’t sustain any serious injuries, and was air lifted out after being there for probably only a few hours.

Thankfully- the woman is in fine condition, and Piran the cat is a hero!