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Olympic Medalist Sells Silver Medal To Help Baby Needing Heart Surgery

Athletics - Olympics: Day 15

Photo: Getty Images

The Tokyo Olympics are over, but how about one more story?

Polish javelin thrower Maria Andrejczyk took home the silver medal, and wanted to do something just as awesome as winning it, she wanted to sell it to raise funds for an 8-month-old boy in need of medical help.

So Maria is no stranger to medical struggle (because she’s actually a cancer survivor herself), and this family needed $385,000 to travel from Poland to California and have heart surgery that would save his life.

They were able to raise half the funds online, but were still very short when Maria stepped in, and she doesn’t even know the family! Her heart is just that beautiful.

She held an online auction for her medal where a Polish convenience store called Zabka put in the winning bid, making sure the boy is well taken care of. AND- the icing on the cake? They refused Maria’s medal! So now she gets to keep what she earned as well.

Feel goods all around!