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Neighbor Builds 3rd Grader A Lemonade Stand After His Is Stolen

Steve Moser sent me today’s Feel Goods, and it’s a wholesome as it gets.

In Ohio, 3rdgrader Colby Mitchell picked up a little summer hobby- he started his own lemonade stand as a way to make some extra money, and loved interacting with his community.

One morning, this little cutie went outside to start his business day, and the stand was GONE! The conspiracy part of my brain says it was stolen by a competitor, but Colby’s mom thinks it was mistaken for trash and thrown out.

Poor Colby was devastated, so his mom put out a social post asking the neighborhood to help look for it!

Instead of finding the original one, random neighbor Ron Siegel showed up with a beautiful brand new one he spent 2 days building!

Ron said, yea, “they’re complete strangers but when it comes to neighborhood and community, they’re like family.” UGH I love that attitude.

Congrats on your new stand Colby, you titan of industry! Thank you for the story Steve!