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Lizzo Is Obsessed With Baby Yoda With 'Largest Collection On The Planet'

Lizzo is on with Elvis Duran Friday morning to play her new fire single Rumors!

The single featuring Cardi B was actually done completely over FaceTime! "I was actually thousands of feet away," Lizzo jokes after Elvis asked if her and Cardi B stayed 6 feet a part while she recorded her verse. "We did it via FaceTime but it sounds like we were together. It’s a perfect record." This is Lizzo's first single since putting out her album 'Cuz I Love You.' "It's been a long time," Lizzo says about putting out new music, "And for me it feels like 4.5 years because I put 'Truth Hurts' out so long ago... for me it feels even longer."

One of the best things to come out of our conversation with Lizzo is when she said "Face yourself and fall in love with what you're looking at." What an amazing inspirational line!

The other best thing about seeing Lizzo on Zoom was taking notes of the trophies behind her. She has her iHeartRadio awards, her GRAMMYs, BET award, but most importantly she has her Baby Yoda collection. "Do y’all see the Baby Yoda's. He’s just cute to me there’s something about Baby Yoda." She hilariously continues, "I have so many friggen Baby Yoda's. I got one the size of me.... I don’t know who’s sending it at this point but I’m grateful."

Watch our entire interview with Lizzo above!