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10-Year-Old Makes Goal To Donate 500,000 Books: Here's How You Can Help!

Photo: Race To Kindness Page

Orion Jean from Texas is 10-years-old, not even in 6th grade yet, and already he’s an outstanding contributor in his community.

I believe we featured him last November, when he set a goal to donate 100,000 meals by Thanksgiving! He called his initiative “Race to Kindness,” and he is at it again!

But instead of food, this time “Race to Kindness” is about reading, which is his favorite activity.

He recognizes that we have a huge “book gap,” where disadvantaged children don’t have the option of independent reading. And that’s a tragedy – it can be such a significant part of their development!

So, Orion current goal is to donate 500,000 books, again under the umbrella of “Race to Kindness.” Clearly, this boy just wants to improve lives. That’s what he was put on this earth for.

He has over 120,000 books donated so far, I am going through my room at my parent’s house to see what I can donate, and if you’d like to contribute, there are several ways! Click the link!!

Thank you to my mystery sender!