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10-Year-Old Saves Her Family From Intruder

Kristen LaPierre is very impressed with Laken Blandford from Kentucky.

She was home with her grandmother and little brother, when she saw a random guy walking through her house.

Now, she’s only 10-years-old but thankfully she’s very clever because she got her grandmother and bother, and hid in an upstairs closet. Then she FaceTime’d her dad to ask if he hired someone to come work.

Her dad actually couldn’t recall (because he was in talks with different workers, maybe there was a scheduling misunderstanding), so this brave and protective kid snuck back downstairs to hold the phone out and show her father this dude creeping around. I can’t imagine the guts that takes because even at 30 I would probably just call 911 cause I’m too scared to leave the closet!

As soon as dad got scared, Laken got her family, and her dog, and snuck out to a neighbor’s house.

Then dad got home, the intruder charged at him, and dad knocked him the hell out until authorities got there.

Laken was gifted a challenger coin from the sheriff, and her family is super proud.