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Gandhi Andrew & Diamond Reflect On Trip Of A Lifetime #OffTheGridWithGandhi

After two weeks taking a RV across the United States, visiting Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, and so much more, Gandhi, Diamond and Andrew are taking time to reflect on the life-changing trip.

"There was so much to learn from this. The biggest lesson, is how much we have to learn from nature. Whether it’s how to interact with other people, the way that sequoia trees actually do- they have a root system that depends on each other. They grow together, they save each other when one needs help. They learn to adapt, and things survive because they’re adaptable.
And even the corny little clichés like, 'only in the absolute dark can you see the most beautiful stars,' I love that. Because it IS a metaphor for life. Sometimes things are really bad and you see a little glimmer of hope you might not have seen if things weren’t so bad.
The best views come from some of the toughest climbs - literally, and figuratively. Sometimes you really just have to struggle to get to the place you want to go.
I learned that Andrew and Diamond are SO amazing and SO solid, and that it’s never too late to learn something new. Diamond learned how to freakin swim, and that was AWESOME! I never thought I’d be able to teach someone something- it’s one of my biggest weaknesses. And together, we were able to do something awesome and I love her for that.
I learned that my mind and my body were a lot stronger than I thought they were. I always talk to you guys about how I don’t work out, I don’t do anything, but in these hikes I really pushed myself to the limit! And I’m so proud of myself, and of us, and the things we’ve done. Being scared, and being pushed out of my comfort zone, and just taking it all in, and I don’t ever want it to stop. It has been wonderful." - Gandhi
"I’m a little sad, I don’t want to go home! I learned that the world doesn’t stop because I’m scared of something. So like if I wouldn’t have gone on this trip cause I was scared to step outside my comfort zone, they still would have come here and they would have had an amazing time! And I would have been at home watching videos of them, thinking to myself, 'Wow, I could have went!' Why would I let this fear stop me? And it’s NEVER gonna stop me again, come on!!!
I learned that Gandhi’s taste in music is way different than I ever would have imagined. We’re driving, and she decided to put on an Al Green playlist. I’m like, 'am I in the car with my grandma? What’s going on here!'
I learned that Andrew does not listen to me. I could say something, and he will ignore me, and then repeat it. He just told me 2 seconds ago, 'go to the bathroom,' and then he pushed me out of the way….TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! He doesn’t care about me.
Gandhi doesn’t show her fear, whatsoever. Which I think is the coolest thing on the planet. We’re in this plane, terrified, Andrew and I are clinching onto each other for dear life, Gandhi is just chillin and recording videos. And then when she decides to post them she goes, 'I was terrified.' REALLY?! I wouldn’t have known!
I clearly am a different person. I know how to swim now! I’ve gone for a hike which is INSANE, my glutes are still crying over it. But I’m way more into nature! I didn’t think that I was this person, whatsoever. I’m lookin around for bears now, like- do you see tracks? What do you do to get them to come out? I’m asking the guide, 'how often do you see bears do you think we’ll see them today?' The first day I was never when I saw a rabbit! I’m a completely different person. Still won’t play around with rabbits, though." - Diamond
"I learned that Gandhi is definitely way more fearless and adventurous than I could ever give her credit for. She will go into any situation, and she has such a zen-like mindset, you don’t know she’s scared. And that puts you at ease! And that’s a quality I hope to adapt.
Diamond, I think is way more adventurous than she gives herself credit for, and I think she might actually start liking nature!
For myself, I learned I’m way more adventurous than I give myself credit for. I never expected to push myself the way I did- I never expected to jump out of a plane. Never thought I could drive a 32-foot RV, never thought I would go hiking on a remote trail to go find a waterfall, but I DID all of those things!
And I think the number 1 thing I learned, is just challenge yourself to do one thing that’s outside of your comfort zone. And I think you will be so so happy you did. And you’ll learn a ton of lessons that you never knew about yourself." - Andrew

What a trip!