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Sebastian Maniscalco Worries For Dad’s Future Meeting With Robert De Niro

Comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Tuesday to talk all about his upcoming live shows as well as his film with Robert De Niro, About My Father.

One of our favorite things about Maniscalco is his Instagram, more importantly, the impersonations he does of his father. "He didn't even know," Maniscalco told the show, "Other people were telling him." However, Maniscalco insists that he "secretly loves it." Coming soon, Maniscalco's dad is actually going to get a meal with actor, Robert De Niro, to help prepare the actor to play him in the upcoming Lionsgate film, About My Father. The feature film is loosely based on Maniscalco's own life and follows the comedian telling his old-school Italian immigrant father that he is going to propose to his all-American girlfriend. De Niro, who will be playing his father, insists on crashing a weekend with her parents!

"Dinero wants to meet my dad for dinner so he can get the mannerisms of my father and how he talks," Maniscalco reveals his worry, "[but] My father around strangers is not himself. He gets quiet... bashful." He suggested to his dad to meet Di Nero and talk to him while he cuts his hair, but it seems that dinner is the way they're going to go. "They’re supposed to meet without me for dinner."

Watch our entire conversation with Maniscalco above and get tickets to his Nobody Does This arena tour this fall!