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Middle Schooler Sells Cheesecakes To Help Mother Go See The Pyramids

This one from Latanya Wilkinson got me, how beautiful.

Dustin Vitale, whom is a middle school teacher from Philadelphia, is a self-proclaimed mamma’s boy.

He is so in love with his mother Gloria, and she was recently diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. So of course, he wanted to do all her can to take care of her. INCLUDING, taking their entire family, on the vacation of her dreams- to see the pyramids in Egypt.

Now, that’s a $10,000 trip. A lot of money for anyone, never mind on a teacher’s salary.

He decided to make some extra cash by selling cheesesteaks out of his home, using his mother’s recipe. Which is apparently pretty damn good-

Dustin started selling to friends and family, but these were so good and word spread so quickly, that cars were soon double parked down the block for pickup. And in only 6 weeks of hard work, Dustin raised over $18,000.

It ended up being the trip of a lifetime, the Egyptian government found out they were coming and let them visit a sphinx (which is currently closed to the public), and Dustin said if you saw her on that trip you’d think she had years ahead of her.

But, unfortunately, the day they arrived home Gloria was hospitalized, and she passed at home surrounded by family a few weeks after.

If you’re in the Philly area and bought even one cheesesteak, thank you for giving Dustin and Gloria, memories they can carry with them forever.