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What Happened When Elvis Duran And Alex Were Approached By Swingers?

Elvis Duran and his husband Alex Carr were out at a restaurant when they were approached by a couple in the strangest way!

Elvis and Alex were eating at the bar of a restaurant last night when they were approached by what they believer were swingers. "Hey you know where do you guys live?" is the question Elvis and Alex were approached with last night during dinner. A man and his wife came over to the two of them asking where they live and if they could cook them dinner. They asked all of this without even telling Alex and Elvis their names! "I believe they were trying to pick up Elvis," Alex says on-air Friday morning. "I believe they were trying to pick up both of us," Elvis adds.

Elvis does say "There is a chance [he's] way off base," however it was a "gut feeling," for them. Alex also adds that he thought he heard them whispering about how 'they look fun.' The real question though, if the two of them were out and a guy approached them like that would they consider it?! They both agreed they would 'have a conversation.'

Watch the entire hilarious story above!