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76-Year-Old Starts Up Her Business Again, A Plant Nursery

76-year-old Krishna lost her husband Madhukar to COVID. They lived in India, and in efforts to try and heal together, her son brought her to my neighborhood in Jersey City, where he lives!

It was supposed to be a short visit, but she’s actually still here, because Krishna decided to honor her husband’s memory…. by starting a new business, again, AT 76 YEARS OLD, and it’s a plant nursery!

It’s called “Madhuban” and it’s a nursery / garden store that Krishna calls her dedication to her love. An ode to his inner beauty, and unwavering spirit that brought a wave of joy wherever he went. Just like plants, to a lot of us.

The most beautiful icing on the cake? Krishna donates ALL PROFITS to support the efforts to battle COVID-19 back home. She works specifically with the International Association for Human Values.

If you want to support Madhuban, I’ll share her Insta page on mine, they deliver to New York and Jersey City/Hoboken, but I’m sure if you’re not in the area she would still appreciate you checking her out and sending love.