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Father Runs Into Home To Save Daughters From Fire

Several listeners tagged me in this story about Ray Lucas from Michigan.

He and his girlfriend stepped out of the house, leaving their 18-month-old twins Milan and Malaysia with family.

They were only gone about 15-minutes, but when they came back their home was on fire, and his mother and niece were on the front yard, ABSOLUTELY FRANTIC.

They weren’t able to grab the babies because of how the fire was laid out, and so the twins were still in there. Ray got in the zone and ran into that house, even though he couldn’t even see his hands in front of his face, there was so much smoke.

He found those babies, basically blind, thanks to his memory of where they were.

Ray came out pretty badly burned, his arms, his face, he was even blind for a few days, but he doesn’t care, because he still has his babies.