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Bazzi Wants To Put Out A Few More Records Before Putting On A 'Show'

Bazzi joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Thursday, July 22nd, only 11 minutes after his new song 'I Like That' dropped!

"I'm just simply ready to retire," Bazzi jokes to Elvis Duran, "I did my job." Bazzi tells the show that, "It feels really good to give people something positive, something with optimism in the song.: He explains that the last year and a half 'wasn't good' for him. "In the old world we were able to distract ourselves, put some stuff off personally." However, he explains that "music is the best job for that reason.... A piece of paper to release all of that from your chest."

With that Bazzi shares with us he's been in rehearsals and even put together an 'amazing' band that he's excited about. Although we may not be seeing him before some more new songs.... "I want to put out a few more records before putting on a show show."

Watch our full interview with Bazzi above!