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Jesse McCartney's Fiancé Is The 'Muse' For His New Album

Jesse McCartney is on-air with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Wednesday to talk all about his new song 'Kiss The World Goodbye,' his fiancé and his time on The Masked Singer.

"It's always years between albums for me because I feel like life has to happen before you write a new project," McCartney tells Elvis Duran. But now that McCartney is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Katie Peterson, "She's amazing we’ve been together almost 9 years and she kinda became the muse for this project and album."

Even though his music video for 'Kiss The World Goodbye' is H-O-T- HOT, McCartney says that nothing is 'hotter' than his time in the turtle costume on The Masked Singer. "There's not enough Febreeze to take care of that," McCartney jokes after saying they probably had to throw that costume away, "You really can't breath.... but yea it was a lot of fun."

Listen to our entire interview with McCartney below!