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Dog Ran Away From Home, Found At Adoption Center Years Later

Danielle Rodriguez told me about a woman named Aisha Nieves from Pennsylvania.

In 2019, her dog Kovu escaped through a hole in her fence. She first searched on her own, and 4 months later when she spoke with her county’s Humane Society and they got on the same page, she found out he had apparently already been adopted by another family.

So heartbreaking, but for one reason or another she couldn’t step in or maybe didn’t want to break up his new family.

Well, Aisha has been browsing the humane society’s website on and off for another baby to adopt, and the other day saw a dog that looked exactly like her Kovu! Even down to his scar above his eye!

Coincidence? I think not! It was indeed her long lost Kovu, apparently he was put back up for adoption after the adopting family had to leave their home.

They pair has since been reunited, and I just gotta say if Savannah goes missing and another family takes her- I don’t care I’m crazy. I’m coming for my baby.