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Long Island Teens Help Rescue Men From Capsized Boat

Kim Massey is very impressed with 3 teenagers from her community on Long Island named Evan, Luke, and Ryan.

They were out on the water, when their radio picked up a distress call from a boat nearby. 

There were 5 men on that boat ages 72-80, three of them couldn’t swim, and it was taking on water. 

Thankfully the boys were able to locate them but when they got closer, BOOM their boat totally capsized! 

These teens snap into action. Luke and Ryan start pulling the men into their boat, and Evan got on the radio to call for backup. 

The boys are of course being praised as heroes for their rescue, but they just say it’s right place at the right time. So make sure your boat is safe, keep your radio on, and enjoy the water on full alert!!!!