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Doctor Goes Around To Events Taking Leftover Flowers To Give To Patients

I LOVE this story sent to me by Tara Reddington.

In Virginia, back when Eleanor Love was a medical student, she felt terribly for patients that were in the hospital for weeks at a time- not only are they dealing with whatever reason they’re in for, but now joy is a real issue. Mental wellness after being in those rooms all day.

She’s always had an appreciate for the happiness flowers can bring, so one day she decided to get them to patients!

Elanor would call wedding coordinators, to ask if she can stop by after a wedding to pick up the flowers that were being left behind, to create “healing blooms.” And once a patient broke down and cried after seeing her beautiful gift, that was that.

Today not only is Eleanor a full-blown doctor, but she has successfully founded, The Simple Sunflower!

Her and her team of 200 volunteers drive around on the weekends, pick up flowers from events, and get them out to patients who need a smile in hospitals.

So way to go Dr. Eleanor Love, you’re a live saver, AND a positivity spreader, and for that, we appreciate you.