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Elvis Duran Brings Greg T. & Alex On-Air To Explain Why Today Is Important

"July 13th, 2018, lives were changed," Elvis Duran tells the morning show, Tuesday morning. What exactly happened that day? The show goes to google to try and figure out what anniversary Elvis is talking about.

Until Elvis said a special caller was on the line, his husband Alex. 'No are you going to tell me?' Alex asks Elvis when asked about why today is important. After hearing the date again Alex gasps, "Oh, that's the day I proposed to you." However that isn't the only thing to happen July 13th, 2018. "Something even more monumental happened on this day," Elvis explains as he tells Nate to let on the other phone call. Turns out it was Greg T the Frat Boy!

However, Greg T. wasn't sure either why today was important. "This is the day three years ago, this is the day you pulled your pants down and pooped on our carpeting!" The entire show shrieks! "Even though you [Alex] asked me to marry you on this day, it sort of eclipses."

Listen to our entire hilarious conversation of why today is important below!