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Ed Sheeran Wrote 250 Songs For His Upcoming Album

Ed Sheeran is joining us on Zoom to talk about his upcoming album and major promise he's making to Elvis Duran!

"It's the 10 year anniversary of the debut album this year," Sheeran explains to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Friday, "And I’m looking back at the last 10 years… the amount of stuff that’s changed. I’m just a completely different person I think. Especially from twenty to thirty."
The now 30-year-old singer says that writing songs have completely changed for him over the past decade. "Just the way I write, I used to write down rhyming couplets. I would get inspired to write a song. Now it’s a bit more.." Sheeran continues, "I just think of something on the spot and then we just put it down on the microphone. Probably because when I was 17,18,19,20 I didn’t have access to a studio 247. That’s probably the biggest difference now."

After writing so many of our favorite love songs Sheeran says that trying to find new angles on love songs is the hardest part. As far as collaborations there will be none for Sheeran on this next album. Explaining to Danielle Monaro that he will only do collaborations on his 'collaboration project.' "In my mind it’s not an album where as this album has been 4 years I have probably written 250 songs. There’s more of a thought process to an album and more of a knee-jerk reaction to the collaborations."

Before he left the Zoom we cornered Sheeran on missing out on his promise to sing at Elvis's wedding! Although his good excuse of the tour just ending and his wife Cherry Seaborn getting pregnant is a good excuse, he does promise to sing at Elvis' future vow renewal.... We'll see you there Ed Sheeran!

Watch Sheeran's full interview with Elvis above as well as check out his new single Bad Habits out now!