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Bethenny Frankel Explains What Is Important For A Relationship

Bethenny Frankel joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to chat about her podcast 'Just B' and more!

Just B with Bethenny Frankel is a podcast that is diving into your favorite self-made moguls. What smart career moves did they make? How are they making money off of their brand? You can now get a deep insight into the lives of some of the people behind some of your favorite television shows, podcasts or just someone as a personal brand. Some conversations go beyond the business like juggling parenting, relationships, fame and more!

One thing Bethenny says she's really learned from hosting the podcast is advice on relationship. Successful people always look for successful partners and want a 'successful relationship.' Some of the best advice she has discussed on the podcast was "actually giving each other space," Bethenny explains that includes "night's a part" and not "fixing your partner but fixing yourself."

But who are the faces that Bethenny is interviewing for this podcast? People like Andy Cohen, Ryan Murphy, The Lady Gang... However Bethenny refuses to interview anyone that didn't build something on their own. So how does the business mogul feel about the self-made billionaire title going to Kylie Jenner. Surprisingly, she is for calling Kylie 'self-made.' "I think that whether it’s her or Kris guiding her, It’s not easy to stick to the program and she knows what her brand is." She continues, "She was teed up but you can easily get off course."

Watch our entire interview with Bethenny above as well as check out her Just B podcast on iHeartRadio!