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Laura Marano Says ‘No Subject Is Off The Table’ For Her Family

Laura Marano joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Wednesday, June 23rd to talk all about the release of her Deluxe 'You' EP coming Friday as well as her close family and drinking at the bar at Saks Fifth Avenue with Elvis Duran.

"It almost feels like my goodbye to this era," Marano says on the release of her EP Friday, "It’s kind of a bittersweet moment where I’m so happy it’s out but it feels like the ending of a chapter." The Deluxe You EP is all of the songs for her original EP You except now it features all of the songs as duets or remix versions. "One of the songs I wrote back in 2015," Marano confesses, "That song in particular resinated with me more this year than it did when I wrote it."

When it comes to her family, there is "no subject is off the table," she says after Elvis reveals they were all having crazy conversations at the bar in Saks Fifth Avenue last time he saw her. "I do think we’re a really good team. I think other times we can understand each other in a different way."

Watch Marano's full interview with Elvis Duran above as well as catch her latest EP coming this Friday, June 25th.