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99-Year-Old Finally Honored For His Fight On D-Day

Brody sent me today’s Feel Goods, about 99-year-old Osceola Fletcher, also known as “Ossie.”

He was a D-Day combat veteran, and was badly wounded in Normandy. So to us? That obviously makes him a war hero, and should be honored as such. But that wasn’t so easy in 1944.

Because Ossie is black, he was denied receiving a purple heart for D-Day, like the heroes he fought alongside.

It’s been 77 years without what he’s deserved, and there is no way to make good for that time, but he was finally honored at Fort Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn. His wife, his entire family, and many members of The Army were in attendance, and the ceremony looked beautiful.

We can’t believe it took SO LONG but we are happy he finally got what he deserved. Thank you so much for your service, Ossie!