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Teenager Gets Stuck Sneaking Out Of House Through Chimney

Someone tagged me in this on Instagram, and yes- it’s a Feel Goods but it’s also a PSA.

An 18-year-old in Nevada locked herself out of her house, so she tried to sneak back in. Not through a window, like any average teenage has done, but DOWN HER CHIMNEY.

As you can guess, yea she got stuck almost all the way down. Thankfully, the fire department was called- I guess someone nearby heard her- and she was pulled out, totally unharmed.

And you know what? In California, a couple weeks ago, a 14-year-old was rescued for the same reason! The firefighters had to disassemble her chimney brick by brick!

So the please- don’t try to climb down your chimney under any circumstances- these teens could have had it a lot worse. And, as always, thank you to our firefighters. You do a hell of a lot more than put out fires!