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Dog Used As Fire Crew Therapy Dog Used Helps Woman In Her Darkest Hour

Several people sent me this story about a hero in England names Digby.

So on Tuesday, fire and rescue services were called to a bridge where a woman was, in her darkest hour, considering taking her own life.

Authorities were talking with this woman for a long time, but couldn’t get her to come over to them, so one member of the fire crew had the brilliant idea to introduce her to Digby.

He’s an Australian labradoodle, and his job is to work internally with crew members whom have been exposed to trauma- he’s a fire crew therapy dog.

When Digby was brought to the scene, this woman’s face lit up. She actually smiled at him, and then safely came off the bridge to meet him.

Just please know, if you’re dealing with feelings like this person was, and you don’t have a Digby, there are always people waiting to be there for you. PLEASE reach out to a loved one, or call the national suicide prevention line, available 24/7 for you.