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Goldendoodle Stops Baby Deer From Crying

This submission from Cristerland Schreffler is another example of why dogs are just superior creatures.

Ralph Dorn lives in Virginia next to a large body of water. And one morning, he couldn’t find his Goldendoodle, Harley.

He goes outside, and spots Harley about 200 feet from shore, swimming next to a tiny baby deer!

The fawn was totally alone in the water, and Harley must have jumped in to offer some kind of assistance.

He swam directly next to the fawn, brought it to Ralph, and then Harley started grooming it on shore! Ralph said it seemed like he wanted to care for this baby and just make sure it was ok.

The mom came around and so Ralph brought Harley inside, but the very next day, Harley starts freaking out, and Ralph hears the fawn crying in the woods.

He finds the baby again, and starts booping it with his nose until it stops crying, and mom comes back along.

I’m sure the mom is taking good care of her baby, but in case of an emergency, Harley seems ready to adopt.

Thank you Cristerland!