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Thief Steals Purple Heart From Home, Anonymous Tip Brings It Back To Owner

I am a very sentimental person, so this pulled at my heart strings a bit.

Dean Richter was drafted with his twin brother Dale in 1965. Three years later Dean got married, and the last time he saw his brother was at his wedding because Dale was killed right after that in South Vietnam.

He was awarded the Purple Heart for that day, and it’s a treasure Dean has held near and dear - kind of like the last piece of his brother.

Well, 2 years ago it was stolen from his home! Dean thought that was that, and was trying to make peace with the lost part of his twin, when he got a call from the organization Purple Hearts Reunited.

Apparently, they got an anonymous tip, and now it’s back home where it belongs.

I would have loaded some sound of Dean getting it back, but he was speechless for about 5 minutes, it was adorable.

If you’re a thief, maybe your bare minimum standard should be not stealing something with clear emotional value. Just a thought!