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After Being Ejected From The Car, Dog Is Found Herding Sheep Nearby

Katelyn Berk sent me today’s Feel Goods about Tilly, the 2-year-old Border Collie from Idaho!

So on Sunday, he was in the car with his humans when they got into an accident. He was ejected from the car, and then started booking it through a field because the poor thing was so shook.

His parents were devastated and figured they’d never see him again, but of course put his face all over social media asking for help, and thank goodness. Because not too far away, farmer Travis Potter spotted Tilly on his property. Guess what she was doing…..herding his sheep!

Tilly has never been around sheep before but it was just in his DNA, and now he's happy and safe, back with his parents. 

I hope they get him some sheep friends to play with soon!