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Bakery In Texas Loses Customers After Making Rainbow Cookies For Pride

Today’s Feel Goods is from Mac Phillips, and it’s about a little bakery in Lufkin, Texas.

It’s called Confections, and the other day, they posted rainbow heart cookies in support of pride month on their Facebook page. Sadly as a result, they lost a ton of followers, and someone even canceled a 5 dozen cookie order that was just finished, and scheduled to be picked up the next morning.

They are a small business and couldn’t easily afford to lose the order, so they shared what happened on their FB, and encouraged people to come maybe buy one of the cookies the next morning.

You guys, the response was insane. Not only did they get literally thousands of new FB followers, but they had to close early because of the line down the block.

So they next morning, they did it all again! Line around the block, and they made a CRAP ton of rainbow heart cookies to commemorate their new supportive friends.

I love this story because the only thing better than cookies and a small business succeeding, is when it’s born as a middle finger to a-holes!