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Staten Island Restaurant Pays For Meal Of Group That Works With Disabled

Today’s Feel Goods is from Ann Maglio-Cardone, and if you live on Staten Island like she does, you’ve GOT to visit Nucci’s, Italian restaurant.

There’s a group in the area called ‘On Your Mark,’ and it teaches people with developmental disabilities to be social with one another and with their community. They go to movies, restaurants, anything like that.

Well, on one of their first large indoor restaurant outings, the group went to Nucci’s and had a feast. But when it came time to ask for the bill, the restaurant politely refused, and said they already took care of it.

This is remarkable to me the industry suffered so hardcore throughout the pandemic, restaurants have basically JUST been able to start really earning money again, and STILL, someone was kind enough to do this.

So, support your local restaurants, ESPECIALLY the ones that try to support their community!