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Waffle House Manager Helps Employee To Graduation, Now Has Full Scholarship

Whitney J sent today’s Feel Goods, and it’s set in one of Scotty B’s favorite restaurants: Waffle House!

In Center Point, Alabama, employee Timothy Harrison was about to graduate! But he didn’t have his cap and gown, a ticket to the ceremony, or even a ride, so he decided to show up at work instead.

When his manager Cedric Hampton saw him roll in for a shift, knowing it was graduation day, he basically said, “ummmm hell no- you’re going!”

All the working employees put their shifts on hold, and worked together to get Timothy ready! They bought him a new outfit, and some even headed over to his school to get him that cap and gown.

They all got him spiffed up and took pictures at Waffle House, and then Cedric the manager drove him over and stayed to watch the ceremony. He said it was wonderful.

The icing on the cake? Because Timothy’s story got some attention, Lawson State Community College just offered him a full scholarship- and it’s the first time in a long time Timothy sees something bright in his future for himself.

So share these good news stories! You never know, it might help change a life.