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Pregnant Woman Saves Three Children From Drowning

Gregory Staffeld sent me a great Feel Goods about his friend from high school, Alyssa DeWitt.

So Alyssa is five months pregnant, and was enjoying a day at Lake Michigan with her kids. For some strange reason, she decided not to take the kids to their usual beach spot, and instead went to a really isolated location because something inside told her to. And thank goodness, because she noticed a pair of arms waving out from the water.

It wasn’t just one kid, but three kids, and they were being repeatedly slammed against the wall of the pier- they were drowning right in front of Alyssa.

She was the only one around, so after calling 911 this pregnant woman summoned all of her mama adrenaline, ran down the pier, and stretched her body over the side so she could reach their hands.

This hero almost fell in several times but with one hand and a lot of determination, she actually pulled all 3 of them up.

There’s no doubt Alyssa saved their lives, and PSA to all parents out there- drowning is the top cause of death for children over 5, so make sure you spend time going over water safety this summer.