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Male Student In Trouble For Wearing Skirt To School, Teachers Protest

Brody sent me today’s Feel Goods coming out of Spain, and love this story.

So it all started in November, when high school student Mikel Gómez wore a skirt to school, and as a result was forced to see a psychologist, and EXPELLED!

Since then, students from a lot of local schools have been showing up for him by wearing skirts to class, and sharing on social with #ClothesHaveNoGender!

One teacher named Jose even stepped up! He said, “20 years ago I suffered persecution and insults for my sexual orientation in the institute I am now a teacher.”

He also said that a lot of teachers basically turned a blind eye and were not participating in the protest, UNTIL one of their own students was bullied with homophobic slurs.

As a result, 3 teachers decided to wear skirts for the ENTIRE month of May.

The school has since agreed to offer a course on gender equality, and if you see someone being bullied for deciding to wear a freaking skirt, SPEAK UP! It’s a damn article of clothing, people. Wear what makes you freaking happy!