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Teacher & Students Make Braille Yearbook For Blind 5th Grader

Today’s Feel Goods if from Tori Matthews who told me about Mario Pacheco, who is a fifth-grader in Arkansas.

Mario loves school, he loves his classmates, and as I’m sure we all remember, the year book is a really important, to say goodbye to all that for the summer.

But Mario is blind, and so his mother stopped buying the yearbook for him because they are all printed on really smooth glossy paper.

HOWEVER, this year a group of students and one teacher decided to surprise him! They worked for about four months, to gift Mario a braille yearbook!

It included autographs, notes from his classmates, AND 3D printed models of his classmates and teachers! This work took over 500 HOURS!

He was so excited to be able to see the faces of his friends, but the 3D model he was most excited to hold was the teacher who taught him braille. And I would have happy sobbed a whole lot if I was that teacher, cause MAN, how beautiful.

Thank you, Tori!