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MIT Professor Builds Crib In His Office To Help Researcher And New Mom

Several people have sent me over this story about Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, Troy Littleton.

He runs a research lab, where his student Karen Cunningham works.

As if being a grad student isn’t hard enough, she’s also a new mom! So. Karen knew this time would be incredible taxing, and sometimes there’s a solid 6-hour shift where she just can’t bring a baby in, because of how quick the breaks are.

Well, Professor Littleton wanted to make the work-life balance more fluid for Karen.

He surprised her with a crib to go in his office!

Now Karen can bring in her baby every shift, and keep an eye on her while she gets some work done. AND, of course, the baby gets a lot of extra love from professor and the other students.

Thank you to everyone who sent this story over!