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Staten Island Realtor Saves 3 Kids From Fire Next Door

Stephanie Nichols sent me today’s story, about a very brave realtor on Staten Island, named Kevin Bryant.

Last week he decided to show up early to show a house, and thank goodness he did because he saw flames shooting out of the house next door, and no firefighters had arrived yet.

He saw people running around the house banging on doors, and when he heard there were CHILDREN still inside the house? He snapped into action.

Kevin’s arm was in a sling due to a recent shoulder surgery but he didn’t care, he broke through several doors, and did not leave that house until all 3 kids and their dog were out safe.

Of COURSE Kevin is being called a hero, but he said hey me and my wife are planning on starting a family soon and I just did what I’d hope someone would do for my kids one day.

Make sure your smoke detectors are in tip top shape, people!!!